The How to Be a Mascot” tour

how to be a mascot tour

New for the summer of 2014 we’re proud to introduce the “How to be a mascot” tour! Unlike other entertainment acts that come in for one night, take your money, and leave we offer two nights of entertainment and three days of consulting. We want to help make your mascot program better so you can have a season’s worth of entertainment.

Friday, day one: During the day Kelly Frank, owner of AMAZING!! Mascots, Inc (and a former MLB and NHL mascot) meets with your staff to answer any questions and concerns they have about their mascot program. Kelly will asses the condition of the costume, make any minor repairs, and educate your staff on the proper care of the costume. Then she meets with your community relations, marketing, and promotions staff members to brainstorm ideas to help your mascot program grow. That night she’ll shadow your mascot at the game, taking notes, offering suggestions, and filming the performer so they have video to review later.

Saturday, day two: The next morning Kelly hosts a mini mascot boot camp. The boot camp is free of charge to the team’s mascot performers and sponsor mascots. Local mascot performers and fans are able to attend the camp for a fee to be determined by the team. Kelly teaches the performers “how to be a mascot” including: costume care, non verbal communication, skits, prop creation, social media management, and revenue generation. That night the boot camp attendees are invited to the game where they’ll watch Kelly perform as her character, ZING!! ZING!! has superb crowd interaction skills and performs four unique skits in game.

how to be a mascot tour

Sunday, day three: On the third and final day it’s mascot mania as all of the boot camp grads are invited to perform at the game. They’ll greet guests as they enter the ballpark, be introduced on field pregame, perform 2 on field skits, and help sing the 7th inning stretch. Campers are offered a discounted tickets so their friends and family can come watch them perform.

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