1. Is it hot in there?
    • YES! A big part of being a mascot is learning how to handle the heat. Much like a firefighter must get used to wearing  heavy equipment in a hot environment, a mascot performer must build up an endurance to being in suit. This isn’t just a skill but a matter of life and DEATH. You can DIE from heat stroke. Learn the warning signs of heat illness before you get in costume.
  2. How did you become a mascot?
    • I studied theater in high school and always had an interest in sports. I contacted local minor and major league teams to see if they needed a backup or escort for their mascot and began working for a minor league soccer and arena football team. When I went to college in Orlando I auditioned for jobs at Universal Studios and Walt Disney World and began performing as a parade and Halloween character. I again contacted local sports teams and began working as a backup mascot for the WNBA and NBA team as well as working as a game day promotions assistant. I used the footage from my performance as a backup and applied for other jobs eventually landing a position with NCAA Basketball and the Tampa Bay Rays of Major League Baseball.
  3. How can I become a mascot?
    • Visiting this website helps! Read and study what we say here. Also, do what I did, contact local sports teams and organizations to see if they need a mascot. Check out our job board. Take dance and improv acting classes. Gain skills such as juggling, stilt walking, unicycling, and gymnastics.
  4. How much do mascots get paid?
    • It can be as low as minimum wage and as high as hundreds of dollars an hour. Some top level professional mascots make six figures in their full time positions.
  5. How can I buy a mascot?
  6. How much do mascot costumes cost?
    • A custom mascot costume can cost anywhere from $3,500-$20,000 with most costumes falling in the $4,500-$8,000 range. Stock costumes range from $1000-$3000. Economy costumes are lower quality and range from $300-1000. When it comes to mascot costumes you definitely get what you pay for. An inexpensive costume is just that, CHEAP.
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