How to be a corporate mascot

jvc mascot

Mascots are larger than life representatives of the teams and businesses they represent. However there are some differences between performing as a sports mascot and a corporate mascot for a business. With a corporate character, you literally are bringing their brand to life. You are the huggable, walking, dancing interactive extension of their brand. A simple misstep in costume could result in a PR nightmare for a company and damage it’s reputation online.

With that in mind here are some tips for being a corporate mascot performer:

  • Dress appropriately for the event you are attending. For example, when I recently worked a convention for medical professionals, I showed up in business attire (nice pair of pants, appropriate top.) Everyone staffing the booth I was at was in their best office attire and I was able to look professional while out of costume. While working for a 5/15k racing event, warm up gear was appropriate. Dressing business casual (Khaki pants, polo shirt) is safe choice if you are unsure of the environment you will be performing at. Dress for success! Don’t allow your value to be undermined by poor attire.
  • Make sure you are always performing in a positive family friendly manner. Some of your go to moves as a sports mascot are not appropriate in a corporate environment. “Thrusting” out a belly, or doing “booty” dances are examples of moves that should be removed from your acting repertoire. Use moves that you would do at a child’s birthday party.
  • Be aware of event restrictions. Some conventions do not allow mascots to roam the event and the character must stay at the booth. Other events are OK with roaming mascots. If you are able to roam it is a great way to expand your client’s impact at the event. Just make sure you have an escort to guide you to prevent mishaps.
  • Be aware of “competing” brands. While at an event there may be other businesses offering the services that your client does. Remember, you are not at a sporting event. These businesses are not “opposing fans.” Be respectful to other brands and if possibly, simply avoid them.
  • Always be entertaining. A lot of the time at conventions/corporate appearances there is nothing going on. No one is at the booth, or all of the customers have already seen you and are drifting away. Do not simply stand there. Stay in character. To keep myself motivated to move I often play a song in my head and dance to it. You can pass the time in a much more fun manner if you are dancing along to the cupid shuffle, or other easy go to mascot dances.
  • Be visible. If you’re at an event where you can wander around, try and figure out where you can b the most visible. At recent events those spots were: the dance floor by the DJ, the start line of the race, the entrance to the post race party. At store appearances, if things are slow, consider standing by the side of the road and waving to people. You’d be surprised how many people pull into the store/event to get a photo with the character. But be safe, stay far away from the road
  • Take breaks. Sometimes corporate clients don’t understand the needs of a mascot performer. Be safe, and set appearance guidelines that your feel comfortable with. Indoors I was comfortable with 60 minutes in, 30 minutes out. For outdoor events it varies with the weather. In hotter climates it can be as short as 30 on, 30 off. Proper breaks allow you to recharge and be energetic during your next set.
scribe america bear

scribe america bear

You’ll find that organizations often appreciate a great performer. Too many businesses “settle” for inexperienced “brand ambassadors” that are forced into costume. Once an organization sees the value a professional mascot performer brings, they’re likely to have you back for more events!

Stay fuzzy my friends!



About Kelly Frank

Kelly Frank has been designing and performing as professional sports mascots since 1998. She spent 5 seasons as "Raymond" of the Tampa Bay Rays (MLB) and parts of three seasons as "Thunderbug" for the Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL). She has also performed as a mascot for the WNBA, Major League Soccer, Arena Football, NCAA Basketball, and minor league baseball. She incorporated AMAZING!! Mascots, Inc in 2007 to provide unique, performer friendly, custom mascot costumes. "Stay fuzzy my friends."

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